MahJongg Solitaire 3D

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Here you can download the game as well as some new tilesets and backgrounds for MahJongg 3D. Have fun!

If you like this game, you can give me a donation for my work, if you feel like it. If not, it's ok - you don't have to. Check out the donations section.


English: MahJongg Solitaire 3D 1.01 for Windows

German: MahJongg Solitaire 3D 1.01 for Windows



  1. Hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers. You can check it by typing "glxinfo".
  2. The QT library version 3.x or higher. Note that you also need to install the development package for qt (usually named somthing like qt-dev)
  3. If you want to compile your own QT, you need to enable the OpenGL features of QT when configuring it (./configure -enable-qt)
  4. SuSE and other users might need to install the patch to resolve some compilation issues, as said below.


V0.96 Linux sources. If you have problems compiling the game, please read the README file or look at the FAQ!

V0.96 SOURCES BUGFIX. If you get compilation problems with either QGLWidget or something like "undefined reference to...", please FRESHLY extract the mahjongg3d-0.96.tar.bz2 package, download the bugfix and replace the files in mahjongg3d.release with those in the patch.


NEW V0.96 RPM package for SuSE (and others) by gimpel. You can install it like this:

rpm -ivh mahjongg3d-0.96-SuSE_91.i586.rpm

V0.96 Xandros deb package by AndrewJ.

V0.96 Debian packages by fEnlo.

V0.96 Slackware package by Luis Marante.

V0.96 Gentoo package by Jonas Bähr.

Tilesets, layouts and backgrounds

For installation instructions, please read the Manual .

To unpack the packages, use for example WinRAR

Hieroglyph tileset and background by m0nty

Simpsons tileset and background by m0nty

Manga tileset and background by m0nty

LAB layout -- try it :-)