MahJongg Solitaire 3D

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The goal of the game: remove all tiles of the board by selecting matching pairs.

Only free tiles can be selected. A tile is free when there is no tile ontop of it and no tile is lying on the left or right side of it. Tiles match if they are identical or both flower- or season tiles. More information can be found in the manual.

If you have difficulties, try the hint feature in the game menu :-)

Installation of custom layouts, tilesets and backgrounds

Linux users:

Just copy the files into the path where your mahjongg3d game data has been installed. You can find out where it is installed by typing:

mahjongg3d --data-prefix

So: to install a tileset package from this page, you can type

cd `mahjongg3d --data-prefix`
tar xzf /path/to/package.tar.gz

Please remember that you have to be root to install the packages if your game data is outside your home directory. For more information about custom tileset installation, please read INSTALL_CUSTOM

Windows users:

Sorry, this feature has not yet been implemented for Windows :-(